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Transform Your Life

with Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing

Experience deeper healing and rejuvenation with a personalized energy package.

For greater flexibility, your personalized package can be done in person or virtually. Learn more about what your package includes.

Reiki Sessions

Shamanic Energy Healing

Written Report

Following each session

Healing Action Plan

Closing Session & Ceremony

3 or 6 Month Packages


From the Comfort of
Your Home or Office
LHT San Francisco Reiki Studio

San Francisco

In person
LHT Sausalito Marin Reiki Studio


In person

Why Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing?

Reiki and shamanic energy healing are a potent combination that addresses complementary energetic healing and transformation.

Reiki provides an excellent way to clear and balance your chakra system. The reiki energy activates the natural healing processes and clears your body of any physical and emotional blockages.

Reiki Benefits:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Deep relaxation
  • And other benefits that promote healing

Shamanic energy healing can explore intricate aspects that are more complex on an energetic level. Passed down by the master healers from the high Andes Mountains of Peru, Rosalyn is trained in these shamanic healing techniques that cleanse the energy field and dissolve barriers.

Shamanic Energy Benefits:

  • Increased vitality, joy, and fulfillment in life.
  • Heal past traumas to empower participants to shape a new, enriched future.
  • A gentle process with profound transformation

What’s Included?


Monthly reiki to clear your physical and emotional systems and begin your healing process.

Shamanic Energy Healing

Monthly sessions to heal more complex energetic issues and empower you to create a new destiny for yourself.

Written Reports of Each Session

Keep these for your healing journal and as a reference to learn more about the techniques used in your sessions.

Customized Healing Action Plan

Together we will craft a plan for you to implement in your daily life, so you can continue to heal on your own.

A Special Closing Session and Ceremony

To conclude our time together, you will receive a special healing ceremony and a rite of initiation that will instill energetic protection for your journey ahead.

3 Month Package
Condensed Healing In a Shorter Amount of Time
Location: Virtual or In person (SF Bay Area)
Cost: $2,700 
* Monthly installments of $900 are available 

6 Month Plan
Healing at a Relaxed Place
Location: Virtual or In person (SF Bay Area)
Cost: $5,100 (a savings of $300) 
* Monthly installments of $850 are available

Book Your Energy Package

Hello! My name is Rosalyn Acosta and I will be your energetic guide and conduit for you to achieve a greater healed state.

I’m a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner from The Four Winds Light Body School. Passed down by the master healers from the high Andes of Peru, I’ve learned ancient shamanic practices and modern neuroscience. These practices can change the energy matrix of the body to create the conditions for health on all levels –  physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

I am also a certified reiki master and have obtained additional training and certification in crystal reading, dynamic mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, and kids’ yoga. 

The culmination of my path as an energy healer and neo-shaman is what I share with you, so you can embody the healthy, vibrant, joyful being you are and are meant to be. I humbly appreciate the opportunity to be a catalyst on your healing journey.


I had an incredible experience with Rosalyn – from the moment I walked into her calming and bright studio I felt at home. Rosalyn helped me to clear some very real blockages and gave incredible insight into what she was seeing and experiencing through the process. I’m excited to continue to work together.

G.W., In-person client

“I had a lovely reiki session with Rosalyn and plan on returning to her regularly. I left feeling so refreshed and calm. She has a wonderful presence – very kind and gentle. She’s also clearly gifted with an amazing ability to see what’s going on. I loved that she gave me practical advice like breathing techniques, as well as a recap of what she saw, and gave me some takeaways on how to remain balanced and centered.”

R.T., In-person client

“I feel a world of difference. I feel lighter, happier and am craving water again. It has been a couple of weeks since water had tasted refreshing.”

L.K., Virutal client

If you answer yes, to any of the following questions, then a healing plan is good for you.

  • Are there deep-seated emotions that you would like to discard?
  • Do you feel out of balance mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually? 
  • Is there a habit, repeating occurrence, pattern, or theme in your life, work, or personal relationships that you want to move beyond? 
  • Do you want to connect with yourself, others, and the earth on a deeper level? 
  • Do you feel like there’s more to life, there’s more to YOU, but you can’t find the clarity to see what that is? 
  • Are you already on your healing path but want to expand your growth and gain new transformation?

Still have questions?

Do you have a monthly payment plan?

Yes! Please email if you prefer a monthly payment plan. For the 3-month plan you’d pay $1500/month or for the 6-month plan pay $1200/month.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, I offer a certain number of lower-cost plans. Please email to discuss these options.

What is your cancellation policy?

LHT honors a 48-hour cancellation notice for a full refund. After 48 hours, the commitment to a personalized energy plan is non-refundable. In case of unforeseen circumstances preventing plan completion within the specified time, an additional 2 months will be allowed for plan utilization.

Can I try a reiki or shamanic energy healing session?

Yes! If you are new to energy healing and want to experience energy healing, you can definitely book just one session. Contact to discuss what you are looking for and to schedule a reiki or shamanic healing session.