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Illuminate lives that inspire positive change.

In a world longing for transformation, Live Heal Travel (LHT) shines as a beacon of hope.

Reiki Energy Healing – Mindfulness Workshops – Eco-Wellness Retreats 

LHT – where transformation meets inspiration, empowering you to live your best life.

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LHT Client Experiences

“I appreciated Rosalyn’s ability to effectively squeeze so much into such a short time frame and still it felt naturally-paced, energizing, and relaxing – all at once.”

Jemal Swoboda, Head of Growth, BRIT + CO 

“I received reiki healing from Rosalyn during a particularly difficult time in my life and was deeply moved by her ability to hold compassionate space for my experience. Rosalyn has a calming presence and old soul wisdom that comes through in her work. Our session facilitated a profound shift in my energy field and nervous system, providing both immediate benefits (better sleep and digestion) and a new level of healing that revealed itself to me over time. I highly recommend Rosalyn, she is a talented healer, with strong intuition, and desire to be of service to others on their path.”

Heather, San Diego, CA 

“I had a wonderful experience receiving distance reiki from Rosalyn! She called at our designated time to check in with me and ask which areas of my body and life needed attention. She suggested soft music and a cozy space to get comfortable in, then let me know she would begin sending me reiki a couple of minutes after we ended the call. Right away, I felt strong vibrations in my hands and arms that traveled up to my heart and throat. Following this, a sensation of power and heat flowed through my body and I felt a clearing of stuck energy. Afterward, my mind felt quiet and I meditated peacefully. 

When she called again at the end of our session, we shared our experiences and it was fascinating to find the parallels between them. Her intuitive and thoughtful approach is woven well with her caring, supportive essence. I highly encourage you to seek her services – to assist you through life transitions, heal past wounds, or to integrate into your self-care practices.”

Caressa, Shaker Heights, Ohio 


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The word “intuition” comes from the Latin word “intueri,” which means “to look inside” or “to contemplate.” This reflects the idea that intuition is a form of knowing that comes from within, rather than from external sources such as information or…
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