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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing.  As the practitioner, I channel the reiki energy through my hands and it flows into your body in a non-invasive, gentle manner. The Reiki energy activates the natural healing processes and clears your body of any physical and emotional blockages. Typically, even after one session, you will feel deep relaxation, calmness, and a greater sense of harmony.

What occurs during a reiki session?

Due to the energetic modality of reiki, a session can be performed in person or by distance (offered by phone or Zoom). Energy has a distinct relationship with time and space, thus enabling healing to be practiced from afar. Both are equally effective. 

Each session begins with an intake to discuss the imbalances you’re experiencing. You are fully clothed during the session and lie peacefully on a massage table (you can also sit in a chair if there are physical restraints). Your only job is to relax and receive the reiki energy. Crystal healing, guided meditation, breathwork, and aromatherapy are included during in-person reiki sessions (only the addition of meditation and breathwork is included during distance sessions).

I use a gentle, hands-on approach to channel the reiki energy through your body to restore a state of balance. If preferred, I can also perform reiki hands-off hovering about 5cm from your body with the same effect. I am not doing the healing or directing the reiki energy, but am merely a channel through which the energy flows. Typically, clients report feeling a sense of deep relaxation, warmth in specific areas, sensations of negative energy being released, experience feeling lighter and more revitalized after a session.

After your Reiki session, drink plenty of water to clear any excess toxins that were released during the session. You know best what your body and spirit need. Listen to your body, notice the changes you feel, and allow yourself some quiet time.  When you resume your daily activities, you’ll feel a sense of wellness and increased energy.

What to expect in a kids’ yoga & reiki session (ages 3-19)

A parent or caregiver will provide information during the intake about what may be bothering their child and the purpose for seeking reiki services. During the session, the parent/caregiver can stay in the same room or wait in the area outside the room (with the door open), so the child is comfortable with the parent’s presence closeby. I start the session with a brief introduction followed by age-appropriate yoga stretches and breathwork. The session concludes with me channeling reiki to the child while the child is comfortably lying down (face up) on a massage table. According to the child’s preference, I can channel reiki energy with a gentle hands-on approach or hands-off (hovering about 5cm from the body with the same effect). Depending on the age of the child, some props, crystals, storytelling, aromatherapy, or other aids may be incorporated during the reiki session.  The length of the reiki component of the session varies depending on the age of the child. For example, a 5-year-old may receive reiki for 5 minutes while a 12-year-old for 20 minutes. And teenagers can receive reiki for longer durations.

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Adult Reiki Sessions

90 min.

New Client Session
In-person: $185
Virtual: $155

75 min.

Follow-up Session
In-person: $175
Virtual: $145

60 min.

Follow-up Session
In-person: $165 
Virtual: $135

Healing takes time

The physical and emotional imbalances that we all carry develop and accumulate over time. Reiki treats the cause of these imbalances and it can take time to heal and regain a state of balance.  For this reason, it is beneficial to receive consistent follow-up sessions. Discounted 4 and 6-session packages are available. Please speak to me if interested. Veterans and college students receive a 10% discount.

Photo by LHT

Kids Yoga & Reiki

60 min.

New Youth Client Session
(ages 3-18)
In-person: $135

45 min.

Follow-up Sessions

Reiki is for Everyone!

College students receive a 10% discount. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please talk to me about other options. 

Prenatal Reiki

90 min.

New Client Session
In-person: $185
Virtual: $155

75 min.

Follow-up Session
In-person: $175
Virtual: $145

60 min.

Follow-up Session
In-person: $165 
Virtual: $135 

Reiki balances you

Reiki treats the cause of imbalances and can alleviate many physical and emotional ailments that arise during pregnancy. It’s also good for the baby. For this reason, reiki is beneficial during all stages – from pre to post-natal. Discounted 4 and 6-session packages are available. Please speak to me if interested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does reiki work?

Reiki is safe, non-invasive, and complementary to other healing modalities and medical treatments. As a holistic modality, reiki is good for preventative care and addressing the root cause of imbalances that treats the whole person. Reiki clears and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing healthy energy to flow.  Once healthy energy is flowing naturally, the physical organs and tissues are able to complete the healing process. Unwanted symptoms, emotional and mental blockages and stress are released leaving an overall feeling of calm, peace, relaxation, and balance.

What is the history of reiki?

Many consider that Mikao Usui or Usui Sensei as we reverently refer to him, was the creator of Reiki and that the word Reiki applies only to the healing modality he discovered and developed. Yet, when researching the facts concerning the origin of Reiki as a healing modality, we find that prior to Usui Sensei developing his style of Reiki, there were at least four other styles of Reiki healing that were being practiced in Japan. This information comes from Hiroshi Doi Sensei and from Toshitaka Mochitzuki Sensei, two Japanese Reiki researchers. A more detailed understanding of this subject is explained in the book, An Evidence-Based History of Reiki.

In 1914, Matiji Kawakami, a Japanese therapist, created a healing style he called Reiki Ryoho and in 1919, he published a book titled Reiki Ryoho to Sono Koka, or Reiki Healing and Its Effects. The other Reiki healing styles in use at the time were: Reikan Tonetsu Ryoho created by Reikaku Ishinuki, Senshinryu Reiki Ryoho created by Kogetsu Matsubara and Seido Reishojutsu created by Reisen Oyama. It was during the time that these Reiki styles were already in use that in March 1922, Usui Sensei had his mystical experience on Kurama yama in which he was given the Reiki energy and from this developed his style of Reiki, which he called Usui Reiki Ryoho. It is interesting that Usui Sensei chose this name as it tends to indicate that he knew of the other styles of Reiki Ryoho in use and was indicating that this was his style of Reiki Ryoho. And because of circumstances that developed during World War II along with the work of Takata Sensei mentioned later in this section, the other forms of Reiki fell into disuse or remained relatively unknown while Usui Reiki continued to be practiced and grew in popularity

In considering what should or should not be called Reiki, we must consider that not only have there been many systems of Reiki healing that are original and do not have a lineage going back to Usui Sensei, but that the Reiki energy has been around at least for thousands of years and in fact, some feel it has been around since the beginning of time. Reiki energy is something that anyone can make use of and of course, many have, so with this in mind, it appears logical to assume that any system that makes use of Reiki energy can be called Reiki, not just those systems that can be traced back to Usui Sensei.

However, because of conditions in Japan after World War II and the fact that Hawaya Takata had brought Reiki to the west, Usui Reiki became the predominant form of Reiki practiced throughout the world. Because of this, a thorough understanding of Usui Reiki is important as it will give us a foundation for understanding Reiki, making it easier for us to connect with its essence. (This is an excerpt taken from “What is the History of Reiki” by William Rand)

What are the benefits of reiki?

The benefits of reiki are numerous including;

Keep in mind that reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions. Reiki does not interfere with the treatment of a medical professional and is used in many hospitals as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). 

Here is a list of just a few hospitals in the United States that integrate reiki.
The Integrative Therapy Program at Columbia University
GW Center for Integrative Medicine
The Osher Collaborative for Integrative Health
James Stockman Cancer Institute
Cleveland Clinic Centers for Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine
Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Reiki Program
John Hopkins Hospital
Yale New Haven Hospital
Sutter Health

And many more.

How often should I receive reiki?

Even after the first reiki session, people typically feel calmer, more lucid, and have some sense of relief. This is due to the balancing effects of reiki that enhance self-healing. 

For new clients, I recommend receiving 4 sessions in a short time frame. This is an ideal scenario that will powerfully initiate your healing process. The physical and emotional imbalances that we all carry (at various degrees) develop and accumulate over time. Reiki treats the cause of these imbalances and it can take time to heal. 

In some cases, it is beneficial to receive consistent follow-up sessions to maintain your state of balance. Regardless if you try one session or receive several, receiving reiki is beneficial and healing for everyone!

What to expect in a prenatal reiki session

All of the same attributes of a regular reiki session apply, with the addition of proper positioning of your body. When providing reiki to a pregnant woman, I make sure you feel the most comfortable as possible. Generally, lying on your side with proper pillow support at your head, belly, and between your legs works well.  If you are uncomfortable at any time, we adjust your position according to your needs.

What is life energy?

Description coming soon.

“It’s amazing to me. The most valuable things we have are invisible – courage, love, compassion, intelligence, and intuition. The most valuable assets you have are your spirit. Everything that you have in life is the result of everything that is invisible.”
– Caroline Myss

  • “I received reiki healing from Rosalyn during a particularly difficult time in my life and was deeply moved by her ability to hold compassionate space for my experience. Rosalyn has a calming presence and an old soul wisdom that comes through in her work. Our session facilitated a profound shift in my energy field and nervous system, providing both immediate benefits (better sleep and digestion) and a new level of healing that revealed itself to me over time. I highly recommend Rosalyn, she is a talented healer, with strong intuition, and desire to be of service to others on their path.” – Heather, San Diego, CA

  • “I had a wonderful experience receiving reiki from Rosalyn! She called at our designated time to check in with me and ask which areas of my body and life needed attention. She suggested soft music and a cozy space to get comfortable in, then let me know she would begin sending me reiki a couple minutes after we ended the call. Right away I could feel strong vibrations in my hands and arms that traveled up to my heart and throat. Following this, a sensation of power and heat flowed through my body and I felt a clearing of stuck energy. Afterwards, my mind felt quiet and I meditated peacefully on the ways I build connection with my Creator.

    When she called again at the end of our session, we shared our experiences and it was fascinating to find the parallels between them. Rosalyn was receptive to the Spirit Guides who were present and worked alongside them in my healing. She has an intuitive and thoughtful approach that weaves well with her caring, supportive essence. I highly encourage you to seek her services, to assist you through transitions in life, help in healing past wounds, or to integrate into your self-care practices.” – Caressa, Shaker Heights, OH

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