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About LHT Founder,
Rosalyn Acosta


As Alonzo King states  “Anyone involved in the search for themselves is a practicing artist.” Personally, this truth resonates to my core, and becoming self-realized is a key to living authentically. In my search for my true self, I find it in many forms – as a proud mother of 3 kids, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Art has always imbued my life with profound meaning and continues to evolve as I grow.      

As a teacher, I’ve taught at Dominican University, DanceBase, the University of Edinburgh, Stanford University, and other studios in the Bay Area and abroad. As a choreographer, my pieces have been performed in shows at the San Francisco International Arts Festival, LEVYDance, Yoshi’s San Francisco, the University of Edinburgh, and other locations. Humbly, I open my heart to all art so that I may be a clear vessel to communicate the underlying essence of life. 


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been aware of a deeper, innate sense of knowing. Spirituality, vivid dreams, and an intuitive lifestyle rooted in the wisdom of nature have been integral life paths. My “clair” senses have always been strong and as an adult, I’m enjoying cultivating these abilities even more.  My intention is to share my knowledge, experience, and healing with others. 

I follow the meditation lessons of Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda. Professionally, I obtained levels 1 and 2 reiki certification with William Rand and Master/Level 3 with Jennifer Brinn.  I’m currently apprenticing with Jennifer Brinn in her reiki teacher training program. I am a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner with The Four Winds Society. Additionally,  I am a certified teacher of the It’s Yoga Kids® Warrior 1 Foundations format, certified crystal reader (CCR) with The Crystalline Academy, Jack Kornfield’s Mindfulness Meditation Fundamentals, and obtained a certificate with Niroga Institute’s Dynamic Mindfulness Training.


We are in a new era of travel. I started the Zero-Impact Wellness Retreats to push us all towards traveling with only positive impacts. Historically, the tourism industry is synonymous with a plethora of detrimental impacts on the environment, local economies, and people. But, we can’t afford to travel in this manner anymore. That’s why the LHT mantra rings true – Zero carbon. Zero waste. Zero negative impact on communities.

I have a masters in Ecotourism with over 15 years of experience creating and managing sustainable travel programs that support local communities and ecosystems around the globe.  My contributions to cultural and environmental work include entities such as; the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, CREST at Stanford University, World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, UNWTO, and others.  I’ve had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork, research, and tours in amazing locations such as Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Whether creating unique travel programs, presenting, or teaching, my goal is always to inspire self-exploration and create change in the global sustainable and social justice movements. 

So, it’s time. Let’s move beyond zero.

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