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Illustration by Andres R. Acosta

Learn How to Cultivate Your Intuition

Written by Rosalyn Acosta on . Posted in Heal and Live.

“All humans have access to intuition, but like anything, if not cultivated or developed it remains unknown.” Alonzo King

What is intuition?

The word “intuition” comes from the Latin word “intueri,” which means “to look inside” or “to contemplate.” This reflects the idea that intuition is a form of knowing that comes from within, rather than from external sources such as information or experiences.

The concept of intuition has been around for centuries and has been discussed by many philosophers, psychologists, scientists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and others across many disciplines. Intuition is often described as a form of non-verbal communication, immediate knowing or understanding without conscious reasoning. Sometimes intution is referred to as a “gut feeling” or “a hunch” and is something that you just know instinctively.

There have been many famous leaders who have discussed the concept of intuition. Plato and Aristotle both discussed the idea of intuitive knowledge, and Aristotle in particular emphasized the importance of intuition in the pursuit of wisdom.

Many business leaders and entrepreneurs have discussed the role of intuition in their work. For example, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was known for his strong intuition and his ability to make decisions based on his gut feeling. He once said, “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.”  Oprah Winfrey states, “Learning to trust your instincts, using your intuitive sense of what’s best for you, is paramount for any lasting success. I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen.”

While intuition is often associated with the arts and humanities, rather than with science, there have been many famous scientists who have discussed the role of intuition in their work. For example, Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of all time, was known for his reliance on intuition in his scientific thinking. He once said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

How can you cultivate your intuition?

Intuition is a powerful tool and people can develop it through training or practice. I interviewed Brett Blackburn, a psychic intuitive and co-creator of Inspired Light, to shed some light on improving your intuitive abilities.

Rosalyn: How did you start working as an intuitive teacher? 

Brett: Well, I’ll start a little earlier. My first spirit guide appeared to me when I was 4 years old. We called her my “imaginary friend,” even though we all knew she was more than that.  Her name was Julie and she appeared to me as an 8-year-old girl. I always said she came from the attic but it was because she came from up above. At a very young age, I felt connected to spirits and felt confident in my knowingness beyond what meets the eye. This connection and knowledge of the spirit world shaped my view of this physical world. As I got older; Spirit, healing, and intuition felt like a higher purpose of mine.  I was continually drawn to this path with my vivid dreams and ability to read energy and people.

With that said, I didn’t always know that was a career possibility. There was definitely a time in my life that I thought I was going to be wearing suits and going to the office every day. Reiki was my introduction to the healing world in my adult life and it was a springboard for my intuitive lifestyle and career. When I started seeing clients, I realized I was doing so much more than Reiki so I then enrolled in a psychic development program which helped me put together the vocabulary to describe what I was doing.  Over the years, I developed a steady clientele of incredible people. Then I realized I wanted to help others develop their own psychic abilities so they could read and heal themselves. So, I created an online psychic development course called Inspired Intuition.

I trust and follow my intuition over all else and teach others to do the same. 

Rosalyn: Have you noticed any changes over the years in terms of more or fewer people wanting to learn about their intuitive abilities? Why do you think this is?

Brett: I have noticed more people wanting to learn about their intuition because I think many people are awakening to all their abilities. While some are becoming more distracted by the world around them, others are becoming more aware of their truth. It seems like people are breaking away from what they were always told, or what they “should” be, and becoming more empowered and choosing what they want, and connecting more to their hearts.  Part of my purpose now is to normalize, modernize, and demystify psychic abilities. As an entire race of human beings, we are also going through a huge transformational shift from 3D to 5D and beyond and that is what is opening us and shifting us into new realities and possibilities. 

Rosalyn: There is no shortage of research and proof of the importance of listening to your intuition. Since this is the case, why doesn’t everyone learn about this inherent aspect that we all possess? 

Brett: I think some people haven’t fully learned to trust their intuition or know how valuable it truly is. However, I think we are moving away from the belief that there needs to be proof or a logical reason to make a decision, and coming into the knowingness that our intuition is helping us make our best decisions. 

There also seems to be a shift from a “see it to believe it mentality”  to a “ believe it to see it “ one. 

Rosalyn: It seems that children are much better at listening to their intuition and being in tune to their higher selves than adults. What lessons have you learned from the wisdom of kids?

Brett: Kids are so magical and so connected. I love that they are so certain in their beliefs and knowingness and they aren’t afraid to say it, speak it, and put it out there in the world. I think we can all learn from kids who are so willing and happy to be their authentic selves and not doubt or second guess themselves. 

Rosalyn: Do you feel people are born with psychic (clair) abilities or can people cultivate these skills as they get more in tune with themselves?  

Brett: Personally, I have always been very Clairsentient (the psychic ability to acquire knowledge by means of feeling), with less frequent experiences with Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairaudience (hearing something not present to the ear), and Clairvoyance (discerning objects not present to the senses). And I’ve never experienced Clairalience (knowledge by means of smelling) or Clairgustance (ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth).

We are all psychic! Your intuition and psychic abilities are like a muscle in your body just like any other. Some people are born with more of an affinity for it and others were supported or guided to trust their abilities when they were young. But, these abilities are innate and part of our design. So yes, everyone can develop and strengthen their psychic abilities.

The more you use your psychic abilities, the stronger they get and the clearer your information becomes. I have created an online psychic development course called “Inspired Intuition “ to teach just that.  Imagine our world if everyone listened, trusted, and took action on their intuition. 

Rosalyn: How do you recommend people get connected with their spirit team of divine support?

Brett: I would recommend first practicing how to connect with themselves. Learning how to clear energy out of your space and bring your highest energy into your space will create a clearer channel for being able to connect and communicate with your spirit team. When you are ready to connect, you want to raise your vibration and simply ask for your highest-level guide that is connected to love and light. Here are some exercises to start with –

Rosalyn: I assume if someone is seeking this type of growth, then part of them is open to the possibility of the existence of these beings. Or do you ever have to try and “convince” a person or open their mind to this aspect? 

Brett: Ha! I personally never try to convince anyone. I am more about sharing my ideas, thoughts, and perspectives with others. Others can decide if that information resonates with them. I also like to stay open to hearing others because I am always learning and expanding. 

Rosalyn: Children may credulously ask if “Dragons are real!?” or “Do extra-terrestrials exist?!” What are your experiences or knowledge about these beings? 

Brett: My best answer is that there are infinite types of beings, so many that we can’t even fathom all the different varieties. They exist in all different places, planets, dimensions, and realms. Many also used to exist on our 3D-Earth planet and no longer do. I am a full believer in ETs and Light Beings. I actually have a strong connection to the Arcturians and a group of Light Beings that have also referred to themselves as the “Keepers of the light, the Bringers of the Light, Guardians of the Light, and the Assisters of the Light.” They are here to assist us in our spiritual evolution. 

Rosalyn: To the skeptic, how do you explain the reality of this energetic realm?

Brett: I encourage people to simply be open and feel into things that they have experienced. Most people experienced their intuition when they have gotten a vibe or sense about a person or situation. That is energy they are picking up on. So, I like to explain it through the lens of something they have already experienced, but maybe didn’t know what they were feeling or experiencing. I think it’s important to share our experiences with others and let others know there are things out there they might not have experienced yet. We are all in our own time of expansion. I think some people aren’t ready for the “spiritual” information yet because they think that if they believe one way, they would have to completely let go of their beliefs. But, this isn’t always the case. I think there are more flexibility, flow, and similarities in spirituality and science than some think. When there is an unknown, people understandably look for a logical explanation. 

But, I’m hoping more and more people will value, connect and trust their deeper sensing and knowing, even if it is not “proven” yet.

Take the next step to greater intuition

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