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Discover Quick Rejuvenation

Unlock immediate well-being with our 20-minute energy healing session, designed for efficiency and impact.


From the Comfort of
Your Home or Office

Personalized Intake

Your journey begins with a 5-minute tailored intake call, ensuring the session meets your unique needs.

Transformative Healing

Dive into 15 minutes of remote reiki, a powerful practice that brings relaxation and rebalances your energy from afar.

Insights & Guidance

Receive a post-session report with observations and personalized wellness strategies to integrate into your daily life.

Benefits At a Glance

Immediate Stress Reduction
Enhanced Well-being
Personalized Care

Revitalize Your Life

In just 20 minutes, rediscover a more energized and balanced you.

Hello! My name is Rosalyn Acosta and I will be your energetic guide and conduit for you to achieve a greater healed state.

I’m a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner from The Four Winds Light Body School. Passed down by the master healers from the high Andes of Peru, I’ve learned ancient shamanic practices and modern neuroscience. These practices can change the energy matrix of the body to create the conditions for health on all levels –  physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

I am also a certified reiki master and have obtained additional training and certification in crystal reading, dynamic mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, and kids’ yoga. 

The culmination of my path as an energy healer and neo-shaman is what I share with you, so you can embody the healthy, vibrant, joyful being you are and are meant to be. I humbly appreciate the opportunity to be a catalyst on your healing journey.


“I feel a world of difference. I feel lighter, happier and am craving water again. It has been a couple of weeks since water had tasted refreshing.”

L.K., Virtual Client

I had reiki done by Rosalyn. It was my first experience with this and she was wonderful. She was so professional and relaxing. I left feeling unblocked and I had a genuine sense of peace and calm throughout my whole body.

J.F., CA Client

Rosalyn is the real deal. Her reiki session was very effective and she also took time afterwards to talk about what she was seeing in the session which I found very helpful.

A.T., CA Client

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